Managing the menopause

Struggling with menopause symptoms such as hot flushes, insomnia, moodiness etc?

Here’s some ideas for you – I started my peri-menopausal part of my life when I was 36 and it turned into full blown menopause at 40. I’m now 42 and am mostly living symptom free because of a set of things that I’m doing.

There’s all sorts of advice out there and I’m not trying to be anything medical here or tell you what to do, just relating what’s worked for me and how and why I do it.

1) Wear the LadyCare Magnet. This stopped my hot flushes for a whole year!

2) Cut out:-

  • alcohol (and after 8pm any other type of drink or I wake up needing the loo in the early hours)
  • caffeine (I seemed to suddenly become intolerant to this when I was 36, I’m now wondering if it’s to do with the menopause too)
  • sugar (read up I Quit Sugar) this cut out my symptoms for several months, stopped any moodiness, made me look 10 years younger by about a year later, gave me tonnes of energy – it’s was really quite amazing!

3) Take 1/2 desert spoon of flax seed powder a day. I have mine on my cereal in the morning.

I gradually introduced each one of these things, as after a while of doing one thing, it seemed as if my symptoms came back. At first I wondered if my body had ‘got used’ to what I was doing or it simply stopped working for some reason but having it gone through this several times I’m now thinking that maybe one’s estrogen just drops suddenly without any obvious warning and stays at that level for a random amount of time and then maybe drops again. So it’s not that the thing isn’t working just that it only covered say 10 or 20% of the symptoms you’ve got. It seems to make sense to me and certainly explains a lot.

There are also a few things you can do to limit your hot flushes if you are suffering with them:-

  • don’t drink hot drinks at all if you can bare it, but if you have to at least sip them gradually rather than swigging them down fast;
  • wear thin layers that are easy to take off, like a thin cardigan;
  • try to avoid rapid changes in temperature such going from a warm house outside into the cold with a thick coat on and getting in a car that’s warm, I’d leave the coat off until I’d cooled down quite a bit and then put it over my legs for a few minutes, then put it on but not done up etc;
  • eat hot dinners slowly;
  • don’t jump into bed and snuggle up all covered up, lay on top of the covers, then part underneath etc to gradually let your temperature change;
  • wear cotton clothing rather than synthetic as it breathes better and you’re not so likely to over heat;
  • I don’t wear things snug round my neck as I seem to overheat from here the most easily, just cooling my neck down can more or less stop a flush in it’s tracks or at least take some of the intensity out of it;
  • avoid feeling under pressure, such as, if you’re shy situations where you might blush heavily, say in front of a group of people.

Also here are some other useful things I’ve noticed:-

  • if you’ve got rid of your hot flushes and night waking, like I have mostly, and they start coming back, check to see if you’re doing steps 1-3.
  • If I have a couple of biscuits (taking my sugar over the limit talked about in ‘I Quit Sugar’) I’ll wake say 5 or 6 times that night, instead of only once or twice; it takes 48 hours for the fructose to get out of your system, so the next night I may well sleep a bit better but the third night it’ll be back to what’s normal for me at the moment.
  • If I forget my flaxseed powder it takes 3 days to show by a poor night’s sleep
  • If I eat a sugary pudding I’ll get hot flushes almost immediately and it’ll again take 48 hours to get out of my system {sigh}
  • Caffeine will give me palpitations within minutes of consuming it, and even a tiny bit will send my heart racing

If your symptoms aren’t disturbing your sleep then you’ll probably think I’m mad for sticking to doing all this, but without all these things in place I’m awake at night more than I’m asleep, roasting hot probably 3 or 4 times an hour (at night), so sleep deprived within a week that I daren’t even drive and am horrible to be around as I feel so exhausted – that’s no life for me, I’d rather stick to my regime and be able to live my life again :)

I hope this helps you too.

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And the winner of our ‘How many people do you buy pressies for at Christmas’ competition is…

Charlotte Cuff from Hastings!

Well done Charlotte! Your free pair of Sarah’s Fleeces Welly Socks is winging your way to you as we speak :)

The results of all of your voting is that it was a tie between buying for 10-15 and 15-20 people – that’s alot of pressie buying we’re all doing, especially as for some of those of people we may be buying more than one.

Interestingly no one voted as to having 1-5 to buy and there ARE people who have 40+ presents to buy!

Enjoy your pressie buying, wrapping and especially giving, everyone and have a very

Happy Christmas!


See you all in the New Year :)


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Last chance to buy Fleece Welly Socks before Christmas!

SATURDAY 10th DECEMBER is the last day you can order and have your parcel before Christmas (depending on the post/weather of course).

So make the most of our 20% discount voucher offer:-

Tell a friend about us and get a 20% off voucher! Bargain!

All you’ve got to do is get them to tell us your email address as they buy something and you’ll get emailed your 20% off discount voucher code – easy peasy and just in time for those tricky Christmas presents.

At only £11.75, or with your 20% off ONLY £9.40, they’ll solve plenty of Christmas present ideas :)

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Some of what’s going on in Hastings this weekend

Reading time 5 mins

FRIDAY 22 JULY 2011:

Summer Family Festival FREE 10:00 – 4:00 Alexandra Park, Hastings
Active Hastings has been granted the Inspire Mark, the badge of the London 2012 Inspire Programme, for a series of events that will take place in the year leading up to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games. The project kicks off on the official Olympic Open Weekend with a Summer Family Festival. The day will offer a range of Olympic and Paralympics Sports for the whole family to take part in. This event will also mark the launch of the brand new Active Women project. Contact: Cath Smee 01424 451 110 for more details

Creatures of the Night (Residential) FREE 6:00pm – 11:00pm RSPCA Mallydams Woods
6pm on Friday 22 July – 10am Saturday 23 July. Ventrue out into the realms of night time creatures such as bats, badgers and beetles! Look for evidence during the day and go badger watching at dusk. BOOKING REQUIRED Further contact 0300 123 0750

St Leonards Church Wood Health Walk FREE 10:30am – 11:30am Church in the Wood Car Park
Gentle short walk at your pace. This beautiful walk leads you along paths named Butterfly Walk and Holly Walk, past an iron ore smelting pit and Church in the Wood’s church yard. Stout footwear is recommended. No need to book just turn up


Explore your shore FREE 11:00am – 3:30PM Pelham Beach (by crazy golf)
Come and celebrate the wealth and diversity of our coastal waters at a Sussex Wildlife Trust Marine Road show. There’re be fun, games and craft activities for children, food for thought for adults, examples and information about the plants and animals found on the shore, opportunities to get involved and in some venues hands on rock pooling/beach combing the beach at Hastings. Look for us at the beach event between Aquila House and the Stade. This event runs in conjunction with Hastings Borough Council Rangers, Active Hastings, Foreshore and Access to Nature (SWT) Donations appreciated

The Big Splash £1 all day 10:30am – 5:30pm Summerfield’s Leisure Centre
The Big Splash is the world’s largest biggest celebration of swimming and Freedom Leisure have joined forces with the BBC to help spread the word. To launch Freedom leisure’s partnership with “Big Splash” we will be holding an open pool event at Summerfield’s Leisure Centre on Saturday 23 July. We will be giving demonstrations and taster classes on the day for Aquafit, pre-school lessons as well as a splash dance pool party between 4:00 – 5:50pm

Something Fishy! FREE 10:00am – 5:00pm Hastings Museum & Art Gallery
Create beautiful fishes using a range of art materials and add them to the giant underwater scene painted onto the Museum window. Plus new dressing up and gallery activities available. All holiday activities are available free, and during normal opening hours. Please not these activities are unsupervised and all children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Contact 014214 451 052 for further information

Summer of Archaeology! FREE 10:00am – 5:00pm Old Town Hall Museum, High Street
Get your hands on history this summer at the Old Town Hall Museum with a series of events to celebrate both the 2011 Festival of British Archaeology and the BBC DIG! Campaign. There are many fine archaeological artefacts on display, with a special new display on the recently acquired Viking Gold.. And as well as our regular interactive, there will be a range of new activities available free during noral opening hours. Contact 01424 451 052 for further information

Hastings Town & Country Fair 10:00am – 5:00pm Alexandra Park, Hastings
Family show with all day entertainment including birds of prey, working dogs, children’s entertainment as well as arts & crafts, gifts and food marquees. Admission: £5.00, Concessions £4.00, Children age 5-16 £2.00, Family ticket £12.00 (2 adults 2 children)


Something Fishy FREE 12:00pm – 5:00pm Hastings Museum & Art Gallery
Same activities as Saturday

Summer of Archaeology! FREE 12:00pm – 5:00pm Old Town Hall Museum, High Street
Same activities as Saturday

Toddler Sessions – Night and Day Animals FREE 10:30am – 12:00pm RSCPA Mallydamns Wood
This is for pre-school age children, accompanied by an adult. Session will include storytelling, craft and some outdoor games. BOOKING REQUIRED
0300 123 0750

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When you realise that your voice sounds different on the radio…

Maybe it’s because your article has just gone live on the radio!

Last week I was interviewed by Tony Pankhurst from Hastings Local Radio all about our lovely fleece, products, sewing team, sewing group and about where we’ve come from and where we’re going and a fair bit more as I love talking about our great green business!

I was rather nervous at first but after a few minutes of being asked questions I began to relax and I felt that it flowed more naturally.

The Radio station isn’t live and 24/7 as such but they put a whole load of great content on there such as daily news and loads of interesting interviews etc.  There’s also lots of useful information about the local area too.

I hope that more media types are listening out there to help spread the word of what a lot of good our company is doing to the environment, how we’re saving people money on their fuel bills, how we’re keeping people *really* warm year round, whatever the weather and whatever the climate and how we’re really making a difference to local people’s lives, job opportunities and skills.

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The story of John’s Garden-thing

Reading time: 5 mins

Last weekend my family and loads of friends did a garden makeover on another friend’s garden whilst her hubby was away for the weekend.  One of the men that helped out wrote the following ‘story’ about it.

I found it hilarious, but then I was there and I do know all the people he’s referring to, so it may not mean so much to other people, either way it’s written brilliantly so I felt I ‘had’ to share it with you :)

“The story of John’s Garden-thing

(with apologies to Enid Blyton) By Rod, Hastings

May 2011

Once upon a time there was a garden. It had green-things and flowery-things, and shed-things and table-ey things.

Then the green-things grew and grew, and all of a sudden there was a lot less of the garden than anyone could remember, and not all the shed-things and table-ey things could be found anymore.

So one day the Jo-thing and John-thing (the nice people who lived in the non-green bit) realised that their friends might not be able to find their house-thing before much longer, and decided that they really ought to do something about it.

So they had a cup of tea, and let the green-things grow some more while they had a think.

Then, months and months later (after they had forgotten they were still supposed to be thinking) the Jo-thing suddenly had a bright idea. Soon, it was going to be the John-thing’s birthday. And it was going to be a Special One – because he was going to be half-a-hundred-years old this time.

With him now being very old and wobbly, the Jo-thing thought it would be a lovely surprise if the John-thing had somewhere nice to sit and rest his poor old legs in the sun in the garden.

As it so happened, because the John-thing kept losing the front door behind all the green-things (and got fed up trying to find a new way into his house each day) he decided to go and live in a tent for a while on some church-thing with his other loony friends.

This was just the opportunity the Jo-thing had been looking for! She gathered up all their remaining friends together, and told them of her brilliant idea. It was going to be a BIG SECRET. They were going to chop down the green-things, get some wood and string and glue and things like that, and make the John-thing a brand new decking-thing to sit upon, in his garden.

She told them they were all allowed to bring their sharp and pointy tools, and bring their electric-powered cutty-up, choppy-down things, and that it wouldn’t hurt a bit – if they were really, really careful. Besides, who needs all their fingers to count to ten these days! But she did say she was only joking about that last bit. Probably.

So, when the camping day arrived she put a tent on the John-thing’s back, loaded him up with his blankets-and-duvets, and pots-and-pans…compass, maps, stove, kettle, water bottle…hat, sun-cream, mosquito-net and Kendal mint cake…and finally, giving him an armful of spare socks, a kiss and a helpful shove, she waved him goodbye with her hanky and watched him walk off, bumping into parked cars as he made his way, bent-double, clanking and jingling all the way up the road, until he was finally out of sight.

Then the Jo-thing climbed back into the house through an upstairs window, and telephoned all their friends.

Now was the moment!

She put on her Action-Girl cape and bullet-proof shorts, and blew a loud whistle with her fingers. Very soon dozens and dozens of people arrived with hammers and nails, and saws and drills, and spades and pick-axes, and set to work.

There were so many people that names began to get muddled. Everybody likes to be called by their proper name don’t they – rather than “Oi, you!” or called by somebody else’s name instead (and I’m sorry if your name appears here back-to-front, or if someone else has borrowed it while you weren’t looking).

There was Colin (who is Colin-and-Anne Colin) who had a PLAN, and it was very, very important that he was there. He pointed at things, and measured things. He lent people all his tools if they didn’t have any – and everyone promised not to be silly with them. And very soon the things that got pointed at and measured started to get done by all the many helpers.

Then there were the twins: Richard (who was called Leon) and Leon (who was called Richard). They had the next most important job in the WHOLE project. They passed the screws when the screws were needed (the entire thing would have FALLEN DOWN if it wasn’t for their screws); and they scraped and swept the dirt and took the weeds off the path (it would have been IMPOSSIBLE to use the path if they hadn’t un-buried it); and finally they sorted out the step (you simply COULDN’T get onto the decking safely without that step!)

There was Bill, with a beard (and a boat) who dug holes and lifted loads. And Paul, with a beard (and without a boat) who dug loads of holes, and lifted whole loads. And Martin (without a boat but with a hat) who dug loads and lifted holes.

Then there was Colin (who is Colin-and-Patsy Colin) who cut the grass and screwed the screws, and when he got tired used the little solar panel in the top of his head and sat in the sun until he had re-charged;

Then there was Rob (who isn’t called Rod) who sawed and drilled and hammered and dug. And when he wasn’t doing that his Luke dug and hammered and drilled and sawed instead. Sometimes Rob would lose things, and everyone would have to stop and go looking for them. Sometimes it was “Where’s my drill gone?” Sometimes it was “Where’s my hammer gone?” But usually it was just “Has anyone seen my Lucozade? Ah, there it is!”

Then there was Rod (who isn’t called Rob) who tried hard not to saw, drill, hammer or dig his fingers, or drop things on his toes if he could help it – but he didn’t always manage it. (And whenever it happened, he thought of lots of different words, but tried very hard not to say any of them).

Then there was Rena (who was sometimes called Radar) who squirted preservative at the wood to stop it going rotten – and at people’s smelly boots to stop them being stinky (or if they said her name wrong).

Then there was Anne and Janet, who used their clever green-fingers to stop all the green-things from misbehaving or bullying the other flowers when they thought they weren’t watching.

Then there was Jenny, our Anchor, who painted the anchor…and the gates…and the fingerprints (again) of those who got a bit too curious about whether the paint was wet or not.

And in her spare time…she made up a rhyme.

Then there was David – who when he wasn’t drilling with drills, or hammering with hammers – he was painting with paint (or being painted by Jenny).

Then there was Patsy and Sue, and Fiona and Kelly, who fetched and carried, and carried and fetched, and filled in with all the little jobs that accidentally-on-purpose got left behind by the others, because they were either too dirty or too dangerous to do!

There was so much wood and soil, and rock and rubble and stones that needed to be shifted. And in particular there was a big Stone and a smaller Stone – Chris and Sarah, who happily shifted all that soil and rock, rubble and stone, and everything else that needed it too.

Then came Neil and Gary and Simon, having travelled non-stop from afar, and hadn’t slept for days on end (well, they HAD been camping) and, with power-tools at the ready – and with aching backs and creaking knees – powered on through failing light to get the “job” done.

And when everyone lay flaked out and spent, young Sarah and Becki and Gemma saw to it that the weary workers were fed, and tea-d and coffee-d. And revived – a bucket of cold water works wonders for the semi-conscious.

Carrying on with superhuman endurance and a railway sleeper perched across each shoulder, a passing Samuel said “Hullo, Boys and Girls! Having a well earned rest? Good!”

“Poor Lambs!” said a cheerful Barbara, tucking an old motorbike of John’s daintily under one arm. “They tire so easily!”

The Jake-dog-thing and the Tom-cat-thing went from person to person at these times, waggy-tailed and purry-smiled, hopeful that they could make a new friend with someone and that they would possibly – possibly – share a titbit of unwanted food with them.

During the day, whenever the phone rang, there was a chorus of “shushes” – everyone loudly hissing everyone else into silence in case the game be given away. Then those people doing the “shushing” had to be “shushed” because they were “shushing” too loudly, and might be heard down the telephone.

Oh! What deceit! What white-lies! As workers froze, statue-like with tools poised mid-air, some cross-eyed as flies perched on tips of noses, fib after fib rolled off Jo’s sweet tongue! (So many new Freedom in Christ appointments she has to make now!)

But the Surprise still stayed a Secret Surprise.

And all this down to that amazing thing called the Jo-thing.

She was everywhere! Organising, lifting, carrying, fixing, cooking, thanking, and doing…all things and every thing, to make this birthday surprise come true.

And then at the very last moment, everything was suddenly done and dusted, and the John-thing was nearly here.

There was a scramble of bodies as everyone hid. Elbows jostled each other as some rushed to be first to hide in the wheelie-bins; some held their breath and jumped into the water butt; others shinned up drain pipes and pressed themselves flat into the guttering and peeped over the edge. The remainder dug holes or lay down and covered themselves in leaves, or hid behind twigs in the fruit tree.

You didn’t see us – but we saw your big smile – and knew you liked it…!”

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Our fleece animal hats are now on Messy Confetti!

You can now buy our fleece animal hats from Messy Confetti too!

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